Leicestershire & Rutland Chess Association is the body recognised by the English Chess Federation as being responsible for chess in the city of Leicester and the counties of Leicestershire and Rutland.  The Association is affiliated to the Midland Counties Chess Union.

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Leicestershire and Rutland Chess Association 2024 Annual General meeting – 24 Mar 2024

All clubs and members are invited to the Leicestershire and Rutland Chess Association 2024 Annual General. The meeting will be held at the Regent Club, Regent Road Leicester on Wednesday 22nd May 2024 at 7:30PM.


Entries are invited for the 2024 tournaments. Please see the article in the County Championships section

County Championships – COUNTY INDIVIDUAL TOURNAMENTS 2024 – 07 Feb 2024

Entries are invited for the 2024 County Individual tournaments. There are 4 separate events: The County Championship (open to all) and the Major (U1750) will be held at the Wigston Chess Club. The Challengers (U1900) and the Minor (U1600) will be held at Anstey Chess Club. The tournaments will be controlled by Andy Morley. Entries should be sent to Paul Mottram. See the attached entry form for all of the tournament details. Full article

ECF Online U18 County Championship – 29 Jan 2024

Martin Burrows reports:

The Leicestershire team of Kajus Mikalajunas, Jack Pilley, Stefan Savic and Linday Pyun took part in the ECF online junior county championship on Saturday 27th January, held on the Tornelo platform. Before the chess could commence we had to deal with the various fair play requirements, which caused a delayed start as some frustrating technical issues with cameras, screen sharing and pairings were resolved.

When we finally got going it was a shaky start as, despite four battling performances, we went down 4-0 to a strong Warwickshire team that won the event. Undeterred, the team rallied strongly in the next round against Middlesex. Kajus and Jack won convincingly, and Stefan and Lindsay managed to turn round difficult positions to also register wins. After several twists and turns Kent beat us 3-1 in the 3rd round. A final round 4-0 win against Hampshire left the team in 3rd place overall.


From the BBC Leicester website (copyright BBC) – 22 Dec 2023

A professor saved a man's life after he suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of a chess match in Leicester.
Richard Hanscombe, 77, collapsed during the match at Braunstone Civic Centre on 11 October, prompting the University of Leicester's Prof Simon Gay to begin CPR.
It was not until 35 minutes after he collapsed that medical staff could detect a heartbeat.
Mr Hanscombe's wife, Paulette, described him as a "miracle man".
Prof Gay, a trained GP and head of the university's medical school, recognised the danger and began CPR.
Mr Hanscombe was then taken to Glenfield Hospital by ambulance, where he was hooked up to a ventilator.
While there, his family were told his brain had little chance of survival and hospital staff began to remove his breathing apparatus.
But Mr Hanscombe suddenly showed signs of life - kicking his legs out and trying to open his eyes.
"One minute we were crying our eyes out, and the next we were jumping for joy," Mrs Hanscombe said.

As his breathing apparatus was being removed, Mr Hanscombe suddenly kicked his legs out and tried to open his eyes
Mr Hanscombe said: "I'm a glass half full sort of person and I just get on with things, so even though I'd felt a little unwell that evening, I decided to play chess anyway.
"I'm pleased I did because if it hadn't happened where it did, Simon wouldn't have been there to help and I wouldn't be here today.
"I owe Simon my life for what he did and I'm extremely grateful."
Mr Hanscombe, who spent nearly a month in hospital, has also overcome liver and lung cancer, as well as a life-threatening sepsis episode in recent years.
"He's the man with nine lives, but we're not complaining," his wife added.
Prof Gay said he was "very pleased" to have been able to help.
"This just goes to show how important having basic CPR skills can be," he said.
"I'm really looking forward to the next time Richard and I are both playing chess together - it will certainly have a bit more meaning to it." Full article

Opportunities to develop school chess in Leicestershire – 23 Nov 2023

The charity Chess in School and Communities (CSC) is looking to develop school chess within Leicestershire and can provide training and remuneration to chess players interested in helping schools with chess. This can either by running a chess club for the school or teaching a chess lesson within the school day.

The government has for the first-time allocated funding to promote chess in schools. Schools who meet the criteria have been allowed to bid for a grant on £2000 to promote chess. Schools are currently being informed if they have had their grant awarded.

There are two ways that you may be able to help:

Do you have a child \ grandchild already at a school who you think would want a chess club in some form? If we have a contact this way it is more likely to get something setup than just cold calling the school reception. CSC are interested in any school willing to setup a chess club, whether they receive the grant or not. For example, they will provide free chess sets and advice for schools where the school will be getting one of their teachers to run the club and will also provide a training course for the school.

Are you interested in doing any work as a tutor? The pay is £42.50 per hour plus travel expenses if any, and there is a good training course you can go on. Also, you would have the opportunity to shadow an existing teacher (probably me) in a school before starting your club.

If you are interested in knowing more about any of the above, please let Alan Agnew know (tel: 07434 286893 email: alanagnew_uk@yahoo.co.uk)

County Championships – THE MINOR TOURNAMENT HAS A WINNER! – 22 Sep 2023

The 2023 Minor tournament has been won by Dominic Lennon of the Ashby Club, after an exciting play-off against Yuvraj Sadhra of Anstey. Both players finished the regular tournament with 4 /5, and then won a game each in the 2-match play-off before Dominic triumphed in the Armageddon decider.

2023 Summer Cups Completed – 17 Sep 2023

The Summer Cups have now been completed. Congratulations to the winners:

* Chapman Cup – Loughborough
* Birstall Cup – Anstey
* Wylie Cup – Wigston
* Harrod Cup – Ashby 1

County Championships – County Individual tournaments winners – 09 Sep 2023

Congratulations to the winners of this summer's individual tournaments:
COUNTY CHAMPION: Shabir OKHAI. Scoring 4/5, Shabir retains the title he won last year - a feat not achieved since Alan Byron in 2009 & 2010.
MAJOR TOURNAMENT: George GOWERS, with 4.5/5. George won the Minor tournament last year
The Minor tournament has not yet finished, with a play-off needed to decide the winner

52 players took part in the tournaments

Pat Hogan RIP – 13 Aug 2023

I have heard of the death of Pat Hogan, at the age of 89. Pat played for many years for the Leicester club before joining Braunstone in 1990. He was a dangerous attacking player on his day and, against the odds, deservedly won the County Championship in 1973. He was a regular in the County first team, and a very entertaining and engaging man to be with on a long car journey! His first appearance in the Midlands grading list was in 1968, and I met him for the first time in 1969 and always found him to be a friendly and approachable man.
Andy Morley